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I CHOSE ABORTION for these two reasons: it was legal and I didn't want to disappoint my parents.  I kept silent about my two abortions for over 30 years.  I suffered many of the documented Post Abortion Stress (PAS) symptoms which are similar t
o the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that many soldiers experience after coming back.4 Just as it is difficult for women and men to talk about, it is also difficult to identify that they are suffering from their choice of abortion. I suffered depression, anger, eating disorders, exercise disorders and an inability to communicate my feelings, which affected my marriage.
I did not attribute these symptoms to my abortions until eight years ago. Something finally "clicked" when I read the book "Why Pro-Life" by Randy Alcorn which listed many facts and statistics about abortion. I realized that I was one of those statistics! I finally allowed my emotions to surface for the first time and allowed myself a chance to grieve. I forgave myself - I let go of my regret, guilt, fear and shame. I think it took me so long to face the fact that abortion was a painful choice because I felt so relieved at the time. I felt like it was a good choice because I could go on with my life- go to college and have a career (and also spare my family the shame of my being an unwed Mother).
I know I am not alone and that many other women and men are hurt by abortion.

Before my "healing," I could not bear to look a picture of an unborn fetus or see a video of the beating heart only 21 days after conception. Because of that, I couldn't see the value of the pre-born and I was surprised to learn that "43% of women will have had an abortion by age 45, that is 1 in 3 women in our country have chosen abortion"2 and may be suffering from PAS.  The statistics haven't adequately reflected this since so many have kept silent. Only recently have we gathered the data that tells us that 94% of post-abortive women regret their decision.1

I wish there had been a Pregnancy Center available when I found myself in an unplanned pregnancy 36 years ago at age 17. My choices would have been different and my life would have been different. I did not know that I stopped a beating heart when I chose abortion. If I had, I would have made a different choice. I did not think of it as stopping a valuable life from being born; my only thought was that no one had to know and that I could go on with my life without any consequences.  But there are real consequences from the decision of abortion.

50% of those seeking an abortion have already had one or more abortions.3  A choice is not a choice when all the factors of the choice are not considered. With abortion so readily available, are women taking the time to learn the facts about their choice? Shouldn't we at least have more regulations in place to protect women from making an uninformed choice as I did?

We desperately need the free services of Pregnancy Centers where women can make an informed choice and also have a place to find healing from their abortions. Please do not pass a bill that will financially cripple the centers’ ability to offer free services such as pregnancy tests, counseling and ultrasound. Pregnancy Centers do not typically get government money and they depend mainly on trained volunteer staff and the generosity of the community to support them. It is a costly endeavor to staff a full time paid nurse or doctor and many centers won't have the funds to comply so doors will be closed and women will no longer have a place to go where they can receive compassionate, unbiased, factual information when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

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